Patriarchy Redefined

Patriarchy. Most commonly defined as a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. While I honor the truth in this definition I invite you to come with me on a journey to the deeper truths that make up this inequality. First, I would like to start with redefining this definition.

Patriarchy. An internal imbalance of feminine and masculine energies inside of each human being projected onto, and influencing societal and government structures.

As we find the courage to embrace and face the fact that we are the creators of our own reality. Societal structures become merely the symptoms of are our own inner peace or struggle with the balancing of these energies within each of us. The sooner we acknowledge and become accountable to the imbalances of our own inner patriarchal beliefs and suffering, the sooner we hold the power to assist in the greater shifting of a belief system that is no longer serving any of us.

As I acknowledge this new definition of a patriarchal “belief” system. I am inviting you to no longer fall victim to it, as if men have single handedly forced us into this rigid off-balanced social structure. Instead I open a safe space for accountability as we dive in and uncover our equal participation, both men and women in the doings and ability to undo thousands of years of burying the truth of the divine feminine and divine masculine that we are all, men and women craving to reunite with.

Find with me the courage to see new perspectives as we discover the many facets of feminine and masculine energies that extend beyond our human classifications of gender. I invite you to open your mind when you hear the words masculine and feminine. No matter how girly you believe you are. Everyone and I mean, EVERYONE carries both masculine and feminine energy inside of them. We all carry the ability to dive in deep and uncover where/ how these energies show up in our lives? Which energy is more dominant within you? What energy is being denied and squashed? Where did this belief in the need to be imbalanced begin? How is your imbalance affecting your outer world and the people around you? I invite you to go beyond what you think you know, opening yourself up and inviting information that may free you from your own patriarchal prison you have created.

Feminine divine energy has taken an unnatural shape as we continue to shove its large flowing energy inside of a masculine box that can no longer contain it. While on the other end, masculine energy fights to make up for the lack of the feminines presence as it bloats and enlarges itself trying to fill the space that the feminine would fill, in an equally unnatural state. Overflowing and overcompensating while also in denial and hiding. We find ourselves in a world where masculine and feminine energy have been handed equal, unfair expectations. This is showing up throughout society in a number of unhealthy ways!

There is no one to blame, but the opportunity for everyone to find accountability as we undergo a massive shift in our planet's consciousness. Women and men, they’s and them’s. feminine and masculine. As we search for an end to the competition of genders. We are not separate! We are the creators of the belief in separateness. Therefore we have the ability to uncreate it. With courageous transgender people speaking out, and the openness and acceptance of different sexual orientations, all of the sudden our gender boundaries are being shattered as we are being asked to open our minds to something larger. Men and women created in the image of God, as if God itself is both man and woman, both masculine and feminine? Is it really such a radical idea?!

With evolution comes new expanded consciousness. This allows the ability to interpret the great mystery of God in ways we never could have before. Just like the famous argument that the earth was flat. Or that Jesus was a white man from Africa, oh wait people still believe this. Is it really hard to fathom that way way back in the 6th century when humans attempted to define the idea of God and put it into a big ass book, they defined it by their own microcosmic beliefs and ideals at the time? Channeling and writing down information they received from the level of their own awareness and consciousness? I Invite you to undefine. I invite you to surrender the need to know and open your eyes to observe and witness the ever changing and ever flowing energies at play in our big blue beautiful world.

Is it possible that the guy on the subway that is sitting next to you. Who on the outside looks like a man, but moves his body unapologetically like a woman. Is the very symbol of a major shift in our consciousness? Living his life shifting from feminine energy into masculine energy at any given moment of the day depending on what he is doing. As if the energies inside of him are just simply tools in navigating the world from different and unique perspectives. Or A woman born in a man’s body with the calling to assist us in breaking our boundaries and opening our minds to a non binary world, as she lives her life in public scrutiny triggering and offending those who are continuing to cling tight to the belief in separateness. This woman inspires us to release archaic beliefs and attachments that have stunted the evolution of humankind. The LGBTQA community is courageously discovering new classifications of sexual/gender identifications that are overwhelmingly assisting in the creation of an unclassified world. Illuminating new evolutions of human existence with embrace and support.

Is it that insane to say that God is both man and woman and we have been created in that image? That we are all made up of different varieties of masculine and feminine energies? That within our own bodies we are able to tap into and understand the many facets of creation itself? Are we craving as a people and as a whole to find freedom in just being ourselves fully, unashamed, and unapologetically “God” like?

Tuning into the news or social media we may become aware of a giant hole carved out in the center of our society. A giant crater that we are trying to fill with processed and fake versions of divine feminine and divine masculine energies. Something is missing, and we are all aware of it. The only issue is we are pointing at the problem as if it is outside of us. Giving away our power to the “Government” ``President” “Authorities ``''the Kardashians” , but they are simply buying into the same low vibrational human beliefs and reflecting them back to us on a larger scale. Aggressively reminding us of our own disconnection and imbalance. We are furthering an illusion that we are the victims of a society that is broken and falling apart, but our society is the victim of what we are creating it to be, and in turn it is victimizing us. What we resist persists. One mind, one consciousness, creating from the limited beliefs of our own awareness. So I invite you to raise your vibrations, raise your awareness. Jump out of your comfort zones. Let go of what is no longer serving you, and reunite with the energies inside of you that are craving to express themselves in their natural forms so that you can begin to create something new!

Some of you may be thinking that I am out of my mind. As I break down all of our worldly issues to the imbalance of feminine and masculine energies within each and every one of us and everything. Honestly, I couldn’t agree with you more! I am out of my mind. So far out of my mind, that I am in my body. I am present, and I am in full awareness of myself and my ability to create the world I see in front of me. I am in awareness of my connection to you, as you continue to read this blog, because we are all connected. I am also aware of how my inner imbalances have projected and created a world of suffering around me. As I sat and fell victim to my own creations unwilling to embrace the accountability that my illusion was mirroring to me.

I am here to share how I found my way out of this illusion. In hopes that it may inspire you to do your own work and free yourself from this suffering that no longer needs to take place.

I invite you on a journey to uncover the wild woman inside of you that has been tamed and silenced for far too long. I call her the wolf. As we invite her out to play in a safe space, we also allow the balancing of our masculine to find its natural position within us. Supporting and grounding the wolf as we will honor and free her much needed evolution. So follow me along my journey as I share with you my own personal experiences and insights on how to rebalance the feminine and masculine within you, Uncovering deep seeded beliefs and where they began, finding the courage to release it all. And finally, reuniting you with your womanly magic so that you too, can howl at the moon.



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